Business Savings


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Account Business Savings Non-Profit Savings Money Market Savings
Minimum Opening Deposit $100 $100 $2,500
Cycle Service Charge $5 - $10
Minimum Daily Balance to Avoid Service Charge $100 - $2,500
Minimum Balance to Earn Interest $100 $100 $2,500
Interest Accrued Daily Daily Daily
Interest Paid Quarterly Quarterly Monthly
FREE E-Statements Quarterly Quarterly Monthly
Paper Statements w/Images Quarterly Quarterly Monthly

*Transaction limitations apply. See disclosures for complete terms & conditions.

Business Savings Benefits for All Accounts

Other Business Savings & Investment Options

Business CDs

Certificates of Deposit

With a guaranteed return, a Certificate of Deposit (CD) helps you invest your money with confidence. We offer a wide variety of maturity terms to help you meet your unique savings goals.


Employee Health Savings Accounts

Employee Health Savings Account

Having attractive employee benefits helps businesses with recruiting and retaining staff. Both the employee AND employer can make tax-deductible contributions to an employee’s Health Savings Account, making them a desirable addition to any company benefits package.

If you are a business owner or manager who would like more information about how we can complement your company’s health insurance plans by setting up employees with individual HSAs, contact us!

Your business is as unique as you. Your banking should be too!