The Generations Mortgage Loan Process




1. Pre-Qualification

In a few easy steps, you’ll know the type and amount of loan you’re likely to qualify for, putting you in a strong position to find the home of your dreams. Along with your credit history, you and your co-borrower (if applicable) will provide your income, existing debt and financial obligations, and the funds you have available for your downpayment and closing costs.

Start your pre-qualification here.


Shop for a Home

2. Shop for your home and make an offer

Your pre-qualification letter will help you and your realtor act quicky to submit an offer in today’s competitive market.


Complete an Application

3. Complete an application

Your loan application can be done online, in person, or by telephone. You’ll find our process as simple as possible, and our lenders will support you every step of the way.



4. Documentation

You’ll gather the required documentation needed to process your loan, including paystubs or W2 statements, bank statements and your past 2 years of tax returns.



5. Closing

After the information you’ve provided is verified and your loan approved, you’ll be ready to schedule your loan closing.

Make Your Homeownership Dreams Come True!