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Account Personal Savings Minor Savings
18 and Under
Christmas Savings Money Market Savings
Minimum Opening Deposit $100 $20 $20 $2,500
Cycle Service Charge $5 $0 $0 $10
Minimum Daily Balance to Avoid a Service Charge $100 - - $2,500
Minimum Daily Balance to Earn Interest $100 - - $2,500
Interest Accrued Daily Daily Daily Daily
Interest Paid Quarterly Quarterly Annually Monthly
Statements Quarterly Quarterly Annually Monthly
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*Transaction limitations apply. See disclosures for complete terms & conditions.

Personal Savings Benefits for All Accounts

Other Personal Savings & Investment Options


Certificates of Deposit

With a guaranteed return, a Certificate of Deposit (CD) helps you invest your money with confidence. We offer various maturity terms to help you meet your unique savings goals.

We offer a few terms through our online account opening platform for ease. However, for a more customized CD, please come by your local branch for assistance.



Individual Retirement Account

Choose from Traditional or Roth IRA accounts with various fixed maturity term IRA CDs. We also offer, Simplified Employee Pension, Beneficiary, SIMPLE, and Coverdell/Educational IRAs.



Health Savings Account

Get easy access to your money while earning tax-free interest on your balance with a Health Savings Account. You never know when you’ll need it most!

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